Resicare Society was formed by a group of concerned parents and individuals, who believed persons with disabilities, had the right to a stable home environment offering opportunities for growth and development.

The first home was opened in March of 1971. The second home was started in 1972 and a third home in 1985.

In response to client request and need a Community Based Day Support Service was established in 1987. This service assists clients in identifying meaningful community integrated options through informed choice, guidance and exploration. In 1998, an Outreach Support Service was introduced to provide a variety of living opportunities based on individual client need and choice.

The agency is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board of directors.





Resicare Society of Calgary strives to be a leader in the delivery of comprehensive integrated high quality support services.




Resicare Society of Calgary will be an innovative and integral support service striving for excellence in the services provided.




Alberta Council of Disability Services – ACDS

Community Rehabilitation Services Provider Council of Calgary – CRSPCC

Accredited Certifications

CET Level 1

Accommodations Standards Licensing

Incorporated under the Society’s Act in 1970