Outreach Support Practitioner

Resicare Society of Calgary consists of a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing comprehensively integrated and high-quality support services to disabled individuals.

We are seeking an experienced support worker to support our outreach individual with developmental disabilities.

Basic Job Description the Community Support Practitioner is an experienced direct support role in the field of disabilities. This position provides front line support to individuals with disabilities, as well as participating in assessments, person-centered planning and plan implementation

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $22.41 per hour

Hours of work: 70hrs bi-weekly – Monday – Friday

Diploma or equivalent formal education in Rehabilitation Services, Social Sciences or related discipline. The Client Support Practitioner role requires qualifications and experience that position the person to provide a broad range of general and often specialized services to individuals with disabilities. It requires an aptitude that acknowledges the gifts, talents and passions of person with disabilities; an aptitude for service and support; and a relevant knowledge and skill base. An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

* Demonstrate oral and written skills to meet planning and reporting requirements.

*Must have the ability to work effectively in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.

*Maintain agency mandatory training requirements.

*Obtain specialized training as required.

Assisting and supporting individuals in the establishment and maintenance of shared, respectful relationships within the community, with a view to meaningful participation and inclusion. This includes assisting and encouraging individuals to participate effectively in employment, volunteer, recreational and other social settings.

* Being aware of the individual’s physical, social and recreational environments and taking action to minimize risks and maximize participation/inclusion; and referring more complex situations to more experienced resources when appropriate.

* Being aware of and adhering to established policies, practices and operational protocols; this includes being aware of and adhering to medical protocols and standing orders relative to medication and other remedies.

* Assisting, supporting and encouraging individuals to achieve their personal goals through the development of basic living and related skills, with a view to enhancing the individual’s confidence, competence and participation within their social network (community, social, recreational, etc…)

* Assisting individuals to develop personal home living skills and, when required, participating directly in the care and maintenance of the individual’s home living environment (i.e., yard work, snow removal, dinner preparation, laundry etc.).

* Assisting with the direct care of high needs and/or medically fragile individuals, as required.

* Assist with lifting and transferring, as required.

* Assisting and supporting individuals to advocate on their own behalf, when necessary and appropriate, to have their needs met; and advocating on behalf of the individual when required and appropriate.

* Maintaining clear and objective records and preparing required reports and other documentation. (I.e.; Individual Service Plans, Quarterlies, log notes, medical records etc…)

* Communicating in a professional, timely accurate and respectful manner with individuals, families, guardians, and staff and community representatives.

* Working as part of a team, attending regular team meetings as scheduled.

* Taking the initiative to work as part of a larger “team”. Covering for sick / vacationing co-workers as required.

* Assisting client in identifying and meeting his/her individual goals. This may include; budgeting, money handling, transportation, leisure and community awareness, personal hygiene, appearance, room and home management, meal preparation, laundry, sexuality, inter-personal skills, decision making and day alternatives.

* Reporting immediately any medical problems that require attention.

* Consulting with nurses, doctors and other appropriate health care personnel.

* Assisting clients with medication administration.

* Administering minor health care procedures.

* Arranging for and accompanying clients to routine medical/dental appointments as required and ensure information is communicated to team members.

* Ongoing monitoring and evaluating of client satisfaction.

* Advocating for client rights.

* Participating in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and safety.

* Adhering to general professional ethics and confidentiality.

* Keeping up-to-date in service delivery and knowledge relevant to the position.

* Participating in relevant staff development opportunities.

* Performing other duties as requested by immediate supervisor or director.

Please send resumes to nkunz@resicare.org


Thank you for your interest!