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Why Choose Resicare?

Community Based Residential Services

Resicare Society of Calgary was formed by a group of concerned parents and individuals, who believed persons with disabilities, had the right to a stable home environment offering opportunities for growth and development.

Resicare consists of a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing comprehensive integrated and high quality support services to disabled individuals.

Resicare is a not for profit organization.

FAQs !

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We keep our clients engaged in the community with initiatives like:

  • support with volunteer opportunities
  • outings based on community availability and client interests
  • Integrated outings for both our residential and outreach clients to create relationships for all of our Resicare clients and their families

Resicare stands apart through our deep commitment to creating a nurturing and stable home environment that prioritizes the growth and development of individuals with disabilities.

Our approach is holistic and family-centered, ensuring that every individual has access to personalized and comprehensive support services.

Founded by a passionate group of parents and advocates, Resicare’s unique blend of professional expertise and community-driven care sets us up to make a profound and lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

Working with Resicare, whether as a client, a family member, or a professional, begins with a conversation.

We invite you to reach out through our contact page or give us a call to discuss your needs or how you wish to contribute. From there, we’ll guide you through the process of accessing services, volunteering, donating, or even exploring career opportunities.

At every step, our team is here to provide the information and support you need to become an integral part of the Resicare community.