Community Based Residential Outreach Support Services

Community Based Residential Outreach Support Services are designed to serve the needs of persons
with developmental and / or physical disabilities who do not reside within Resicare owned facilities.
Referrals can be made directly to the Director of Operations or the Executive Director. All referrals will
be considered and if appropriate, intake will proceed.
Community Based Residential Outreach Services are based on consideration of client need and interest
and available resources.
As a responsive service, adjustments will be made to accommodate changing needs and interests.
However, the Agency recognizes that a client’s needs will evolve and the Agency may no longer be able
to provide service or the client may choose other alternatives.

Community Based Residential Outreach Services offer an array of supports which include, but are not
limited to

Ensure a pleasant, attractive and supportive home environment is provided

Promote a normal rhythm of life within a stable environment allowing each client the
opportunity to develop to his / her fullest potential

Providing individualized services within the residential setting which may include
personal care supports

Coordination of individualized annual client planning and facilitation of follow-up and

Supporting persons in achieving their personal goals

Encouraging and supporting community integration

Maintaining and encouraging family involvement

Assisting with medical, financial, and other needs and completing documentation

Transitional support for client changes

Coordination with Resicare’s or other Community Based Day Support Services on an
individualized basis