About Us

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to assist with making lives better

Resicare Society was formed by a group of concerned parents and individuals, who believed persons with disabilities, had the right to a stable home environment offering opportunities for growth and development.​

​The first home was opened in March of 1971. The second home was started in 1972 and a third home in 1985.​

In response to client request and need a Community Based Day Support Service was established in 1987. This service assists clients in identifying meaningful community integrated options through informed choice, guidance and exploration. In 1998, an Outreach Support Service was introduced to provide a variety of living opportunities based on individual client need and choice.​

The agency is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board of directors.

Our Mission

Resicare Society of Calgary consists of a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing comprehensive integrated and high quality support services to developmentally disabled individuals.

Our Vision

Resicare Society of Calgary will continue to be an innovative and integral support service, striving for excellence in the services provided.

The Staff

Resicare Society of Calgary consists of a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing comprehensive integrated and high quality support services to disabled individuals.

At Resicare, our team is our strength. Our dedicated staff members are the heartbeat of our organization, working tirelessly across various roles to ensure the well-being and growth of each individual we serve. This includes our front-line professionals in the homes and day support centres, as well as those who serve as supportive roommates and neighbours, and those who provide respite care.

We believe in the continuous development of our staff, which is why we require ongoing education for everyone. This commitment to learning is supported through our comprehensive HR download program and management education initiatives. Our goal is to cultivate a team that is not only skilled but also deeply compassionate and committed to creating safe, nurturing environments.

As part of our mission, we are always in search of welcoming home situations and supportive roommates for our clients, aiming to extend our family and enhance the support network for those under our care.


Our management team operates from a unique vantage point, based right at the heart of our community—in the basement of one of our group homes. This close proximity to our clients and frontline staff is not just a logistical decision; it reflects our deep commitment to being in tune with the needs and dynamics of those we serve.

This setup allows us to gain firsthand knowledge of the situations, challenges, and successes within our homes, enabling us to respond promptly and effectively. Being so close to the action provides us with invaluable insights and a clear understanding of both the immediate and long-term needs of our clients.

This on-the-ground presence empowers our small but mighty team to make big impacts, ensuring we offer the best possible support while maintaining a tight-knit community feel.

This arrangement underscores the great benefit we have of directly witnessing the positive changes and milestones achieved by our clients, further motivating us to excel in our mission.


What We Do

Resicare is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, providing a spectrum of residential, day, and outreach services.

Our approach is centered around creating personalized, supportive environments that promote independence, personal growth, and community integration.

Through a blend of compassionate care and professional support, we strive to enhance the quality of life for every individual we serve, ensuring they have the opportunities and resources to achieve their fullest potential.

Creating supportive home environments that promote personal and social development.
Empowering independence and integration for those living with disabilities in their own communities.
Enhancing community participation for those with developmental and physical disabilities.